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The term “jam”commonly refers to a semisolid preparation for sweet or bittersweet, plant-based sugar and in small pieces, cooked for a long time.
Since 1982, as a result of principles of the European Council, only products made from citrus fruit may be sold in the EU under the name jam, and all other preparations are called “confiture”.

Our jams are made from 80% fruit, with some 10% of honey and 10% sugar. it is difficult to find products on the market with this concentration of fruit. We call it “Extra Jam”, products with at least 45% fruit content.

Great for breakfast or in the cheesecake.

Product format: 110 gr
Avg. Nutritional values ​​per 100 gr of product: Calorie 262 Calorie da grassi 0 % Valore quotidiano* Grassi totali 0g 0% Grassi saturi 0g 0% Grassi insaturi 0g Colesterolo 0mg 0% Sodio 30mg 1% Potassio 54mg 2% Carboidrati totali 70g 23% Fibre alimentari 1g 4% Zuccheri 51,2g Proteine 0,2g 0%
Further information:  Once opened, keep + 2 ° / 4 ° C and consume within 7 days.
Type of packaging: glass vase

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